Mom shares harrowing photo of baby to warn parents of simple supermarket mistake

An Australian mother shared photos of her daughter hooked up to various life-saving machines to warn parents how a common mistake nearly killed her child.

The unnamed mom shared her horror story with CPR Kids, an Instagram account dedicated to pediatric first-aid education. She explained the accident happened as she was putting her son, Lincoln, in the car while daughter Millie was seated in a shopping cart.

While strapping the boy in, the cart “blew off the curb and tipped.”

“It took all of two seconds … for it to happen,” the crestfallen mom said.

Millie, whose age was not given, hit her head on the pavement and was rushed to the hospital.

A CT scan revealed that the child suffered a “large brain bleed causing pressure on her brain” as a result of the fall. According to the CDC, a hemorrhagic stroke occurs when an artery in the brain leaks blood or ruptures and puts pressure on the brain cells.

“She was prepped immediately. Sedated, intubated and rushed, [with] lights and sirens, to the Brisbane children’s hospital, where she was rushed straight into emergency brain surgery,” the mom explained.

“She was in surgery for about two hours. Got out at 2 a.m. Friday [then] in the pediatric ICU until 1:30 p.m. Saturday … then moved to the high acuity ward.”

A mother is calling for more safety measures on shopping carts after a horrific accident sent her daughter to the ICU.

The child -- identified as Millie, lays in a hospital bed.
The mom explained that the accident happened as she was putting the child’s brother in the car.

Millie's mother holds her close.
A CT scan revealed that the child suffered a large brain bleed as a result of the fall.

Luckily, Millie is now “doing amazing,” and a follow-up scan revealed that her brain is “looking good.”

“She’s now trying to sit up. [She’s] smiling and eating. Her cheeky self is coming through now, and I can’t be happier and [more] proud of her progress,” the child’s mom said. “We are happy to report that Millie is now home.”

In an effort to promote greater safety measures, the mom of two is calling on all shopping carts to have a braking system installed.

“All shopping trolleys with child restraints need to have a braking system in place. I am determined to make this happen,” demanded the mother. “If I can do this and it stops just one child from being injured, then it will be a success.”

CPR Kids noted that many parents rely on shopping carts to keep their children restrained when putting away groceries or helping siblings in the car, so safety is of the utmost importance.

“This could really happen to anyone,” they said.

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