Utah Senate votes to keep Halloween celebrations on Oct. 31

It was boo-ed.

The Utah Senate scared away a resolution to create a permanent celebration date for Halloween, according to FOX 13 News.

Republican state Sen. Kirk Cullimore submitted the resolution, which failed by a 9-to-16 vote, in hopes that Halloween would be observed on the last Friday of October.

“I opened the resolution because I had parents and teachers who were actually interested in uniformity with the celebration of Halloween,” he told the outlet.

With the holiday always falling on different days, the appropriate timing of when children should go trick-or-treating and attend school parties is consistently put into question.

When Halloween lands on a weekday, students also tend to be tired the following school day after staying out the night before.

Parents and teachers expressed concern over the timing of Halloween celebrations.

“Some people asked why Friday, not Saturday? Friday is because a lot of kids still like to dress up for Halloween on a school day and celebrate at school,” the senator explained.

Senate resolutions are not binding law and the holiday itself would have still remained on Oct. 31 if the motion had been approved.

When making his case for the date change, Cullimore also considered adult revelers like himself.

“We can do trick-or-treating and all that on a Friday night and have Saturday to sleep it off,” he said. “For people who love Halloween — and I love Halloween — this potentially extends the Halloween season a little bit, right?”

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