I’m a pro piercer — I tell clients to avoid these 4 perilous piercings

Better think twice about taking a stab at these perilous piercings.

Professional piercer Marie took to TikTok to reveal the four piercings that she warns her clients to avoid.

The Sydney social media user shared a viral video in which she drops her suggestions, which boasts more than 9 million views on the app.

One jab Marie says “no” to is the so-called “smiley” piercing.

These baubles dangle from the fleshy flap of skin that connects your upper lip to your gum — and usually peeks out only when the pierced person smiles.

However, smiley piercings come with several dangers. Gums can be damaged if the ring isn’t placed correctly. And the metal clanging against your teeth can also damage tooth enamel, according to medical experts.

Furthermore, the space between your lip and gums is also prone to collecting crumbs — meaning infections may transpire if bacteria have the chance to proliferate at the site of the piercing.

“Smiley” piercing

Marie also won’t advise “dermals” placed just above the hip on either side of the spine. Dermal piercings are more akin to implants as the base of the piercing is inserted under the skin, giving the appearance that the accessory has somehow been affixed to bare flesh.

There are several risks associated with getting dermal piercings, health experts warn. Wearers can suffer from infections where the piercing lays if not done in a sterile environment, as well as tissue damage and scarring in the area.

Surface piercings — which refers to those with an entry and exit point — at the nape of the neck can also be problematic, Marie has found. These jabbings have a higher chance of rejection by the site of piercing on the body. There can also be excessive swelling with surface piercings.

Lower back dermal piercings

Neck surface piercings

Dimple piercings, placed squarely on either side of the face below the cheekbone, may seem like the most innocuous of the bunch — but Marie would skip. She explained why in a follow-up clip.

“Cheek piercings can be hard to heal because they’re in a high movement area, so any time you’re eating or talking that bar’s going to be moving around,” Marie explained.

She added, “They’re also in a spot where if you’re not careful when you eat, you can bite down on that bar and break your teeth.”

“The movement can cause migration which is going to lead to scarring,” she continued. “So if it doesn’t heal properly, you’re going to have some scars where the piercing is.”

Cheek piercings.

Marie’s followers lamented her warnings while some shared their own piercing mishaps.

“I had a smiley once and after 2 weeks of having it I ate a pizza and it ripped right out,” cautioned one piercing victim.

They also offered advice of their own. One suggested that plastic jewelry might save teeth enamel from damage caused by a metal smiley ring. And another with dermal piercing experience advocated for bandages to protect the piercings.

“As long as I remember to wear band aids with jeans and high wasted pants, my back dermals give me no trouble and I love them!! just gotta take care of ’em,” they insisted.

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