I’ve spent $30K on sexy body modifications — now people call me a devil

This body art enthusiast puts the “devil” in devil-may-care.

A California man has spent tens of thousands of dollars on piercings, tattoos and other physical modifications, including a silicone penis implant to “spice up” his sex life.

Cameron Bright has all eyes on him whether he’s walking down the street or posting videos on TikTok. And while some fear his severe appearance, he’s paid good money to attract attention.

“I have spent around $30,000 on everything since starting,” the 28-year-old told NeedToKnow.Online.

While he’s racked up thousands of followers and millions of viewers by sticking large objects through holes in his body, one of Bright’s modifications is only shown off to a lucky few in the bedroom: a silicone implant imbedded into his penis.

“I have 28 piercings, most of them stretched, and my favorites are my 23mm septum, split tongue and my implants in my collar bones and penis,” he said.

A California man has spent nearly $30,000 on extreme body modifications, including 28 piercings in his face and a silicone penis.

“My penis implant was to make it look cooler and to spice things up with my partners,” Bright continued. “And they tend to be pretty big fans of it.”

Bright says the texture can add “extra stimulation” for some of his partners — and a little something for him too.

“I normally just stick to myself unless a partner I connect with comes into my life,” he said.

“The beads don’t stimulate me but the apadravya [piercing that goes through glands] does add a little extra stimulation to the urethra. But all this modification does boost my confidence and that can improve a sex life a lot too.”

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The implant is made from medical-grade silicone, similar to what’s used for breast implants.

“The healing wasn’t too bad just sore for the first week and I had to be careful of the stitches getting wet,” Bright recalled.

“It’s just a small opening into your epidermal layer of skin where they place the silicone under,” he explained. “It usually can take about three weeks for the shape to really show its true shape, since the skin heals over it.”

But his penis wasn’t the “hardest” modification he’s had done — that title goes to his split tongue.

“The procedure isn’t as painful as the actual healing, it’s a week of not eating drooling and pain until you get the stitches out a week later,” he said. “It’s super fun to play with it [my tongue], like picking up French fries with it or just trying two liquids at once.”

Cameron Bright showing off body modifications
Some of his body modifications provide extra stimulation during sex.
Jam Press/cameronleebright

Bright’s body modifications have attracted people both online and in person.

“My modifications don’t really impact my relationships (aside from the improved sex life),” he said. “Women are usually okay with it and I’m not interested in anyone who isn’t okay with it.

“It’s also very fetishized, I’ve had several interesting DMs [direct messages] from people online […] usually asking to see it and make a lot of inappropriate comments or sending me pictures I didn’t ask to see first. I have seen this from both women and men.”

His family was a bit worried about his job prospects but have accepted his unique look since he’s shown he’s been “successful” in holding down a job. But some strangers still have not come around and often attack him online, with evil trolls saying he is “the devil.”

Cameron Bright posing
Bright’s family was worried that he would be unemployable, but he is proud to have proved them wrong.
Jam Press/cameronleebright

“Body modification has been nothing but positive for me,” he insisted. “I’ve loved every moment the only negative side is the people that are mean to me over it but I have thick skin so it doesn’t bother me.

“Most of the negative comments are from people telling me I’m gross or I’m going to hell. Even calling me the devil for it. It’s usually online because most people don’t have the guts to say it to my face and if it’s in person it’s yelled outside of their car as they drive off,” he said.

Despite the bouts of hate that Bright receives from some strangers, he has no intention of changing his look and plans to get more work done.

“My journey is nowhere near finished,” he said.

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