I’m a sexy granny — people tell me to get off OnlyFans out of jealousy

She’s in her gilded age.

Dubbed the “Golden GILF,” Viktoria Winslow has attracted 201,000 followers on TikTok and 38,000 fans on Instagram, where she shares spicy photos of herself. Inspired by her 24-year-old daughter, Zoe, who is an OnlyFans model, she decided to embrace the adult content platform.

The 57-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, even employs Zoe’s help to take the photos, calling the activity “empowering.”

“I never thought in a million years I would be in this position. One word: Empowered,” the fitness professional gran told Jam Press. “I’ll continue to make videos for as long as I have an audience — even if I’m 90 and wrinkly.”

Through her niche, online work, she’s made the shocking discovery that younger men are entranced by older women.

Adopting the moniker “Golden GILF,” Winslow has not only gained financial freedom by joining OnlyFans — she’s got newfound confidence too.
Jam Press

“Men as young as 19 have subscribed, and I think being a hot grandma is a niche market, which helps,” she explained. “To be honest, it still always surprises me that they want me.”

She and Zoe even do mother-daughter photoshoots that “set tongues wagging,” she added, but she knows when to draw the line.

“I’ve had some strange requests, though. One fan asked me to step on bugs on camera (I didn’t do it) — and there’s so many people out there with foot fetishes, it’s unbelievable,” she revealed. “I only do what I’m comfortable with.”

Her OnlyFans career stemmed from money troubles. Zoe, lending a listening ear, suggested joining the platform because she has made a “decent income.”

“At first, I was a little concerned for her safety, but she kept encouraging me to give it a go, and soon, I thought I might as well,” Winslow, who is divorced, said, recalling how concerned she was about a retirement fund. “Now, I absolutely love it.”

Winslow reported living month-to-month, eventually forced to shack up at a friend’s house when she was unable to pay rent. Upon Zoe’s suggestion, the mom-of-one was apprehensive about how people online would perceive her due to her age.

Along with the ogling men who drool over her content, there are a few trolls she describes as mostly “young girls.” The haters, who she thinks are just “jealous,” tell her to “get off” TikTok, questioning what her children might think — and even calling her names like “old hag.”

Viktoria Winslow
The mom-of-one is called a “grandma” by people online, but she loves her wrinkles — and her followers do too.
Jam Press

“I block [these people] and move on — it’s a laugh, and jealousy is a curse,” she quipped.

“To me, the ‘grandma’ label is great, and there’s a lot of people out there that think we’re highly desirable,” she added. “I’m a granny who’s proud to show off what I’ve got.”

Her fans certainly agree — but the self-proclaimed GILF isn’t looking for love just yet. She isn’t dating, and she certainly isn’t searching for a “toy boy,” although she says to “never say never.”

“Men love my wrinkles, my dimples, my stretch marks,” she cooed, saying that her new gig has granted her “financial independence” and self-love.

“Doing this as an older woman has been so empowering in many different ways,” she gushed.

“Women are told that to be attractive we have to be young and thin — but I can tell you, this is certainly not the case,” she added.

Zoe applauds her mom’s dedication to the craft, calling her “inspiring.”

“I’m so proud of my mom for her incredible worth ethic, as she’s so dedicated and on the ball — it’s truly inspiring,” Zoe declared.

Viktoria Winslow
Winslow and her daughter make content as a duo sometimes, she said.
Jam Press

Winslow’s daughter isn’t the only one championing her racy efforts, as being able to achieve her dreams and soothe her financial woes has been life-changing.

“Every single person has been truly supportive and told me I’m inspiring or brave,” she proclaimed. “Plus, they all know what a hard time I had been through, so they’re happy to finally see me thriving!”

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