I got a face tattoo of my baby’s head

Whenever Luna looks at the top of her daughter Tokyo Leuchia’s head, the mom-of-two sees a distinct pattern that reminds her of the ace of spades.

Tokyo has a double crown and the way her baby hair swirls inspired Luna to get a tattoo of the pattern.

Luna’s body is covered in tattoos, from full sleeves on her arms to lined patterns on her belly, to intricate designs defining her neck and face.

So it was only natural for the young mom to get inked in a prominent spot to honor her youngest child.

A mother took inspiration from her baby’s hair swirls and got a tattoo of the pattern on her face.
A mother took inspiration from her baby’s hair swirls and got a tattoo of the pattern on her face.

“Come with me to get this gap on my cheek tattooed today,” she said in a video shared on TikTok.

Luna said she roughly sketched the pattern she sees on Tokyo’s head and sent it over to her tattoo artist to put together a more polished version.

This is the overall finished piece,” she said of the tattoo that sits directly under her left eye.

“It’s one of the smallest that I’ve got, but definitely one of the most meaningful, and I’m just so happy with it.”

A picture of Luna's baby, Toyko.
Luna, mother-of-two, is covered in tattoos and decided to get a tattoo to honor her youngest child.

TikTok responds to mom’s baby-inspired face tattoo

Followers loved Luna’s tattoo inspired by her daughter Tokyo.

“That is such a unique way of having a tribute to your child,” one person said.

“That’s the loveliest tattoo I’ve ever seen!!” exclaimed another.

“What a lovely, meaningful tattoo – by God it must have hurt!” a third gasped.

“To be honest, it’s over and done within 20 minutes that size, so really not too bad,” Luna replied.

One woman joked that she had the same hair pattern as Tokyo.

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A picture of Luna's tatoo artist.
Luna said she roughly sketched the pattern and sent it over to her tattoo artist.

A picture of Toyko's head.
The mother said the swirls reminded her of an ace of spades.


“51 and I never realized my double crown could look like the ace of spades. Def not as cute as hers,” she wrote.

However, others weren’t so keen on the inked idea.

“The tattoo meaning, fine, perfect, love it. The face tattoo idea… hate it,” one person stated.

Tattooed mom says “I’m not a criminal”

Over the year, Luna has been covering much of her skin with tattoos.

Most followers on TikTok are supportive, but she also faces plenty of criticism.

Recently she came under fire for her chin tattoo, a straight light that runs vertically from her bottom lip down the center of her chin. It resembles the traditional facial tattoos of Indigenous women around the world, in particular Inuit women in Canada and America’s north.

A picture of the tattoo on Luna's check.
“This is the overall finished piece,” Luna said of the tattoo that sits directly under her left eye.

“Are you Indigenous? Just curious because of your chin tattoo,” a commenter asked.

“I wasn’t even aware of it being related to Indigenous culture,” Luna began, explaining that she thought the style of the tattoo was more female biker inspired, “My style and vibe at the time”.

“It’s easy to take one look at me and say, she’s a criminal. It’s not the case. I’m actually quite a nice person. It’s not my intention to upset anyone.”

In the past, Luna has also had her skills as a mom questioned because she’s tattooed. 

“No one’s skin defines their capabilities as a mother,” she replied. 

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