I’m a self-made millionaire —$200K is chump change if you’re a guy in your 20s

He’s going from brags to riches.

A 24-year-old self-made — or at least self-proclaimed — millionaire is under fire for declaring that every man should own a luxury sports car by their 20s because $200,000 is “chump change” unless you’re a lazy loser.

‘If you’re a guy in your 20s and you don’t have a Lamborghini, you should actually sit down and have like a serious discussion with yourself as to why you don’t have a Lambo,” scoffed Sebastian Ghiorghiu in the clip. The controversial influencer dropped the bombshell in podcast footage, which was recently reposted to Twitter, where it amassed 2 million views and untold raised eyebrows.

The Detroit native claims to have made $8 million in just six years from various ventures, ranging from creating a Google Ad agency to Youtube and “drop-shipping” — the e-commerce practice of accepting customers’ orders without keeping actual stock on hand.

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