Neighbors concerned about victims of devastating apartment fire

Between 40 and 50 people were without a home after the fire and many of the Springfield Township neighbors are concerned for their friends and family.

“I was sleep I woke up and looked outside and all I seen was orange. We went outside and the fire was so big that it was hot. Like as soon as you come outside you could feel the flames. It’s crazy,” said Zsadray Scott, a Hidden Cedars resident.

Another resident said he’s been in the apartments for eight years and really wishes he could help his friends.

“It’s terrible a lot of people lost all their things and belongings and I hope we didn’t lose any lives,” said Danny Brown, who works for Hidden Cedars as part of their maintenance crew.

The director of Toledo’s chapter of the American Red Cross hopes to provide everyone in need with the proper resources.

“What we start next is what we call the intake process where we make sure that we get every bodies information and how many people were in there units, who all affected,” said Rachel Hepner-Zawondy, Executive Director of Red Cross, Western Lake Erie.


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