‘Hottest contestant’ ever on ‘Jeopardy!’ Anji Nyquist reveals X-rated fan requests

This “Jeopardy!” contestant is so “hot” she’s getting burning questions from online admirers — some of whom are “creeps.”

Anji Nyquist won the long-running trivia show on July 5.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota, native recently got candid in an interview about how after her win, viewers reached out to her with wild requests.

After her game show appearance, Nyquist had done a “Q & A” segment on her Instagram so her fans could get to know her better.

“I did an ‘ask me anything,’” she told the Sun recently. “And there were a lot of people who asked, ‘Would you do an OnlyFans? It would be really popular.’”

While she was “flattered” by the inquiry, she was a tad freaked out by the variety of weird responses.

She added: “You’re gonna get some nice people, and you’re gonna get some creeps. I have been getting DMs from random men.”

Anji Nyquist appeared on the long-running game show on July 5 where she won.

Nyquist emerged victorious on the July 5 episode of “Jeopardy!”

Some of the comments the player received, included ones like “you’re so beautiful” and “you’re the hottest contestant ever.”

But Nyquist wants to be remembered on the show for her smarts as well as her beauty.

“‘Jeopardy!’ is about your brain and your performance in this scenario,” she sighed. “It was not what I was expecting, that’s for sure.”

Elsewhere in her chat with the publication, Nyquist dished about her experiences on the series, divulging that she was shocked at the set’s size.

Anji Nyquist
The Minneapolis native would often watch the iconic game show with her ill father.
Anji Nyquist/Twitter

The stage was “smaller” than she thought it was and noted that the “board and contestants aren’t that far apart.”

The champ is a big fan of the show herself and is especially a longtime admirer of host Ken Jennings.

“And you’re not that far from Ken [Jennings], who is a hero of mine,” she said about the proximity of the players’ spots to the emcee’s position.

Being on “Jeopardy!” is also a dream come true for Nyquist and the show has a special place in her heart.

Anji Nyquist
She said: “You’re gonna get some nice people, and you’re gonna get some creeps. I have been getting DMs from random men.”
Anji Nyquist/Twitter

She explained that she used to watch the show with her father, who passed away.

Nyquist had lived with her dad and took care of him when he had dementia. They would watch episodes featuring champion James Holzhauer.

“My dad would do the ‘all in’ motion with James, and he would cheer when he got them right so that’s a special memory for me. Now I’m part of that family,” she joyfully recalled.

She continued her “Jeopardy!” recognization: “I knew there’d be some negativity, but it was great to have 15 minutes of fame.”

This article was originally published on New York Post: Lifestyle

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