Sukihana Faces Criticism Over “Embarrassing” Behavior In London

Jerritt Clark / Contributor via Getty Images

  /  07.19.2023

On Tuesday (July 18), backlash followed Sukihana‘s visit to London’s Buckingham Palace. Critics reprimanded the rapper for her behavior, which some deemed “embarrassing” to the African-American community.

While on a visit to the former residence of King Charles on Monday (July 17), she was caught on video leaving the royal premises. Bystanders gaped as she candidly expressed her intent for the day, “I’m trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a n**ga ass. We’ll be eating n**gas a** today.”

The musician’s audacious remarks were accompanied by a now-removed Instagram caption that read, “I was tryna be classy but business class is good enough ‘cause Suki international now.” Elsewhere, on Twitter, she wrote, “Suki takes London.”

The “Eating” hitmaker’s antics subsequently invited a wave of criticism, with many arguing that she squandered an opportunity to alter an unfavorable narrative about Black people. “She had the poor ladies scared. This is so embarrassing,” one commenter noted. Others pointed out the lack of free speech and stringent public decency laws in the U.K., cautioning the rapper to be mindful.

Following the backlash, Suki took to Twitter to add more context to the video. She wrote, “[To be honest], they was already looking at us crazy when I pulled up to the Caesar palace with trucks full of Africans. Child, I came for King Charles, not y’all. So I gave them something to be mad at.”

One user noted, “As a Londoner, this was hilarious because one thing about white Brits, they know how to make everybody else uncomfortable. So it’s time for a taste of their own medicine.” The artist quote-tweeted the post, responding, “That’s why I gave them something to talk about.”

She continued on Tuesday evening, stating, “I started a whole political debate on Twitter? And the video has over 20 million views. Looks like I have a power I never knew about anyways. Is there anything I should bring attention [to] right now while I’m trending??? Comment please. I’ll bring awareness.”

Suki’s visit to the palace wasn’t without precedent. In August 2022, Rick Ross recounted an incident when he was denied entry to the same palace. However, his grievances were assuaged when he was directed to a high-end local restaurant instead. He stated, “I pulled the homie to the side and told him who I was — of course the biggest boss. And, uh, for one of the fist times in a long time, that didn’t get me in.”

Meanwhile, Sukihana recently traded online barbs with controversial vlogger Tasha K, who accused her of assaulting Boosie Badazz’s dog. A video Tasha posted on July 4 appeared to show the musician twerking on Boosie’s dog, prompting Tasha to tag PETA. Suki quickly dismissed the accusations, suggesting that K’s attack was a distraction from her own failed attempt to pay off a $4 million defamation lawsuit owed to Cardi B.

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