Comedian exposes man who sent her unsolicited nudes, vulgar messages on Valentine’s Day

A comedian has exposed a man’s desperate attempt to get her attention by sending her photos of himself naked and telling her she’s not funny.

The person behind the Instagram handle, Big Kyle, first messaged comedian and actress Maria DeCotis on Valentine’s Day, opening the chat with an image of himself laying on his side with his genitals exposed.

Screenshots of Big Kyle’s messages, shared to Twitter by DeCotis, showed he wasted no time on pleasantries.

“Suck my d–k your not even funny,” his opening message read, followed up by: “Well your not hot either but I’d let you blow me.” [sic]

The comedian, from New York, offered her audience rare insight “in case anyone is wondering what being a female comedian is like”.

Multiple subsequent screenshots revealed Big Kyle had no plan to slow down on his vile antics.

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He sent her another nude photo, this time of himself sitting upright with the camera placed at the same height as his nether regions.

What followed was a series of foul slurs, despite DeCotis having not replied at all.

“Your loss bitch coulda had all this … for your eyes only bitch … FYI no one thinks your funny so stop embarrassing yourself trying standup,” some of his messages said.

DeCotis by this point had decided to share his tirade to Twitter, which initially stumped him but oddly didn’t stop him sending more.

“Wtf bitch you can’t do that take it down … you can’t post nudity on social media moron … wtf people I know follow your Twitter I can’t risk them seeing this … take it down c–t,” he wrote.

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After DeCotis’ Tweet other women came forward and revealed they’ve received similar messages from Big Kyle.

He also threatened that her screenshots “better be down by the time I get out of the gym”.

“Be a good girl and do as your told,” Big Kyle demanded.

The abusive continued over a dozen messages, where the man repeatedly called her a bitch, told her she wasn’t funny, and that she missed out on his “fat white d–k”.

He even sent more photos of his genitals and opted to flash his middle finger, but in a subsequent message begged DeCotis to “forget this happened”.

Despite continuing to send her offensive content, he was seemingly worried about his naked body being shared online for anyone to see.

“Wtf I cant have my big d–k online like that … you unfunny raggedy looking comedian,” he said.

He then told her he had reported her Instagram account and then sarcastically called her “Einstein” for putting his nudity on Twitter.

“This better not go viral bitch,” he then snapped, before once again turning up the creepiness.

“Good girl at least covering it … show t–s,” he said, then started begging her to reply to him.

“I’ll do anything you tell me to if you answer,” he wrote.

DeCotis’ series of tweets exposing what she had no choice to endure went viral in a matter of hours, with thousands of Twitter users condemning Big Kyle’s behavior.

Since DeCotis came forward other women have posted similar messages they’ve received from Big Kyle.

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