I paid $4K to get my eye bags removed — people say I didn’t need to

She’s a bag lady no more.

Beauty influencer Chloe Elizabeth decided that she was tired of getting puffs — which she calls her “Chanel bags” — below her pupils, so she opted to have her under-eye bags surgically removed.

The TikTok user shared a video on Wednesday revealing that she went under the knife for a procedure called lower blepharoplasty. The operation removes excess skin from beneath the eyelids — as the muscles around them can weaken with age.

The Newcastle, England native divulged on TikTok that she traveled three hours from her home to the Signature clinic in Glasgow, Scotland, where she forked over between $2,800 and $4,100 for the service, according to the office’s website states.

The surgery only takes about two hours; recovery, however, can take about a month.

TikTokker Chloe Elizabeth revealed that she went under the knife to get a lower blepharoplasty.

The social media influencer shared her experiences in a viral TikTok.

During the process, doctors will make an incision near the outside area of the bottom eyelashes and remove overlapping skin. The cuts are then closed and stitched up.

Elizabeth later posted a follow-up video with an update on healing post-op. The 14-second clip featured the plastic surgery patient getting dressed in a hospital gown and sitting on an operating table as surgeons work on her eyes. In the last few moments of the video, Elizabeth is seen with surgical bandages underneath her eyes as a specialist talks aftercare with her.

More than 1.6 million viewers have tuned in to her blepharoplasty journey.

The British native traveled to Scotland to undergo surgery to have her eye bags removed — though some of her followers on TikTok claim they weren’t noticeable in the first place.

Her followers commented on her new look — some of whom insisted she never needed the procedure in the first place.

“Omg you are stunning please stop now xx😭,” one cried out. “Why? You’re perfect. Don’t get sucked into the fake insta social hole. You’re enough,” another declared.

In the interest of impressionable young women, one viewer pleaded, “Stop encouraging young girls to do this!! If you’re insecure fine but don’t promote this.”

However, some people loved her new look, as one exclaimed, “Omg! You are gorgeous! I want this surgery so bad!”

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