‘Influencer’ angers internet after video surfaces of him mocking man on date at Chili’s

Warning: NSFW Language

A social media influencer is under fire after mocking a man on a date who couldn’t afford a menu item at a Chili’s restaurant last month.

In the TikTok posted on Jan. 16, the user — identified by commenters as Messie Cee — shows a couple sitting at the bar while he sits with a group of people.

“We in Chili’s me and my crew and them on the side of me,” the influencer said in the post. “She wanted to order something. Her man said ‘You can’t get that I don’t have enough money for that.” The poster said, calling out the couple just a few feet away.

“Ain’t no motherf–king way my husband would take me to Chili’s and I can’t get whatever the f–k I want,” Cee said.

“This ain’t even Ruth Chris (Steakhouse). This is Chili’s, everything is $18 and under. So I’m mad with him, I’m definitely mad with him.”

The user, who has over 120,000 followers on Instagram, ended the video with advice for the woman.

“She need to run. If he can’t buy you Chili’s — they got 2-for-20 here — you need to leave,” he finished.

The now-viral video with over 1 million combined views sparked outrage across the internet.

“This video is so sad, so disappointing to see,” fitfluencer Joey “Swoll” Sergo said in a reaction he shared on Valentine’s Day.

“Times are hard for a lot of people, there’s a lot of couples out there that can’t afford to go out and eat tonight. I know how that feels, I’ve been that guy,” Sergo added. “How about you be grateful that you have enough money to buy what you want on that menu, to take care of your friends, your loved ones, instead of shaming this man.

The social media influencer posted a video of a man unable to pay extra at Chili’s.
TikTok: 4evableeda
The video has amassed over 500,000 views since it was posted on Jan. 16.
The video has amassed over 500,000 views since it was posted on Jan. 16.
TikTok: 4evableeda

Sergo is the founder of GymPositivity “a website with the mission “to change toxic gym culture through spreading compassion, community and positivity.”

“I can’t believe people think this is OK to do to another human being today. You need to do better, mind your own f–king business,” he added.

Sergo wasn’t the only one to go after the influencer. The original video has amassed over 14,000 comments with people calling out the audacity and hypocrisy of the TikToker.

The couple was sitting at the bar inside a Chili's when the original video was posted.
The couple was sitting at the bar inside a Chili’s when the original video was posted.
TikTok: 4evableeda
Gym influencer Joey
Gym influencer Joey “Swoll” Sergo called out the trends of people being rude to strangers in public.
TikTok: thejoshswoll

“Man, you’re at Chilis acting fancy,” a user named Tito commented.

“This video brought tears to my eyes. How can you berate someone like this for not being able to afford a meal? God, please help them!” another user said.

“Instead of shaming them, offer to buy them dinner!” said another commenter.

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