New York City is the most expensive place to be single

If Valentine’s Day yesterday wasn’t enough of a blow, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to be by your lonesome in the Big Apple.

New York City has been marked as the most expensive place to live as a single person, according to a new study by the real estate firm Zillow.

The heartbreaking truth, the study says, is that singles pay on average $19,500 more across all boroughs a year for a one-bedroom, compared to someone living with a partner in the same area.

In Manhattan, this figure rises even higher, to $24,000 — making it the priciest borough.

San Francisco, which has also long been known as a high-price city, comes in second with a $14,000 “singles tax” for a one-bedroom apartment.

Meanwhile, partners who live together in New York City will save an average $39,000 per year.

Across all US cities, Detroit and Cleveland are labeled as having the lowest singles tax at $4,483 and $4,387.

Regions Ranked by the Highest ‘Singles Tax’One-Bedroom Price‘Singles Tax’Couple Savings
1. New York City$3,250$19,500$39,000
2. San Francisco$2,352$14,114$28,227
3. San Jose$2,067$12,401$24,801
4. San Diego$1,962$11,774$23,549
5. Boston$1,924$11,546$23,091
6. Washington$1,917$11,501$23,000
7. Seattle$1,800$10,799$21,597
8. Los Angeles$1,652$9,913$19,825
9. Miami$1,541$9,248$18,496
10. Honolulu$1,540$9,241$18,481
United States$1,163$6,976$13,953

What’s worse than being single in New York? Having to pay extra because you’re single in New York.

“Living alone has its perks — you never have to share a bathroom, you have a claim to the TV at all times, and dirty dishes can stack up as long as you want, judgment free. But all that freedom comes with a cost,” Amanda Pendleton, Zillow home trends expert, says in the report.

“Even though rent prices are starting to cool, they are still significantly higher than they were a year ago. Renters considering going solo this year must decide how valuable living alone is to them, and if the cost is worth it.”

Nationally, singles pay nearly $7,000 extra per year for a median one-bedroom apartment.

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