Customer finds live rat in bread delivery: ‘Most unpleasant experience’

This unsatisfied bread buyer didn’t know he’d ordered a plague-ette.

A man in India was shocked and repulsed after discovering a live rat in a loaf of bread that he’d purchased online. His account detailing the “bubonic” baguette is currently eliciting gags online.

“A live rat was delivered inside the bread packet,” aghast shopper Nitin Arora wrote regarding the “most unpleasant experience,” which occurred last week after he opted to order in while at home, Jam Press reported.

The customer was reportedly craving a sandwich, so he purchased bread from Blinkit — India’s equivalent of Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Unfortunately, when the door-to-door delivery order arrived, Arora discovered that the bread had a live rat in the package. Accompanying photos show the rodent crammed inside the plastic bag beside the sliced loaf like something that would be used to intimidate a mob informant.

Arora was horrified over the furry sandwich filling. “If [a] 10 minutes delivery has such baggage, I would rather wait for a few hours,” he declared on Twitter, per Jam Press.

The rat was found squished against the plastic like a mob intimidation totem.
The rat was delivered along with the bread, like a mob intimidation totem.
Jam Press/TIM

Customer Nitin Arora had ordered the loaf from Blinkit, the Indian equivalent of Uber Eats.
Jam Press Vid/TIM

Some skeptics wondered how the rat managed to stay alive in the plastic.
Some skeptics wondered how the rat managed to stay alive in the plastic.
Jam Press Vid/TIM

Social media users have shared their disgust at the incident with one writing, “OMG that’s so awful.”

“How can delivery guy deliver this I am shocked,” said another of this skin-crawling find. “It seems your service will be very useful to cat lovers rather than bread lovers.”

One Twitter wit joked that Arora’s order had “more protein than carbohydrates.”

However, some skeptics doubted the veracity of the incident with one naysayer wondering how the “rat stayed alive in the packet.”

“It’s very easy for rat to come out from the packet, seems something is fishy, rat will not stay there for hours,” they wrote.

Arora has since complained to Blinkit over the alleged hantavirus-spreading hitchhiker, as seen in accompanying screenshots.

Blinkit has since apologized and pledged to investigate the incident.
Blinkit has since apologized and pledged to investigate the incident.
Jam Press/TIM

Arora's correspondence with Blinkit following the gross find.
Arora’s correspondence with Blinkit following the gross find.
Jam Press/TIM

A spokesperson for the food app reportedly responded to their complaint, writing that they were “extremely sorry for the unfortunate incident.”

“At Blinkit, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of hygiene and safety and are committed to ensuring that every customer receives only the best quality products and services,” they wrote in the meal culpa. “We understand that your trust in us is of utmost importance, and we are truly sorry that this situation has shaken that trust.”

“We’ve taken swift action and de-listed the partner store responsible for this issue from our platform,” added the spokesperson, who pledged to investigate the matter.

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