I’m a dating coach — here are 5 bare minimum traits to demand in a man

Gentlemen, take note.

A dating coach has gone viral after sharing the five “bare minimum” qualities a person should look for in a reliable partner — particularly among men.

A video on Tiktok — posted just in time for Valentine’s Day — features Jacob Lucas, a self-styled, “professional” dating coach. He details the moves boyfriends should make to keep the relationship healthy.

Lucas claims he has “helped millions of people get the love life they have always wanted through his real-life methods.”

“I’m a professional dating coach, and [these are] five things that your boyfriend should be doing for you that are the bare minimum,” Lucas begins in the clip, viewed more than 3 million times on the app so far.

Pick up the phone

The man you are dating should be “good with his phone.”

“You should not have to ask a full-grown man to return your calls or your text. When he’s available, he should do that anyway,” he declared.

Make a date

The boyfriend in question should take you on a date at least once a week unless you’re in a long-distance relationship.

“People might say that’s a lot but I’m telling you it’s really not,” he added.

Be supportive

Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader. “Your boyfriend should be your biggest cheerleader. If he’s not, something’s not right, trust me,” Lucas explained.

Share schedules

Your significant other should be open about their schedules so the couple can “actually plan [your] life with each other.”

“It’s really not that hard to do this,” he insisted.

Show love

A mature lover knows how to show affection. “He should always make you feel wanted,” Lucas concluded.

Several of the coach’s followers on TikTok weighed in on the advice.

“A date once a week? In this economy?,” slammed one user.

“Weekly dates don’t need to be expensive!! make dinner together, watch a movie, go on a walk together. it’s about quality time not cost,” countered another user.

Unsatisfied with the one-sided review, one viewer demanded, “I wanna see the girlfriend version of this.”

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