I wore a slick ponytail like Hailey Bieber — now I’m balding

Hair today — gone tomorrow.

An NYC beauty influencer says she lost a chunk of her hair after attempting the iconic slicked-back hairstyle touted by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez for her birthday.

The TikToker, who goes by @exteriorglam on the app, posted a video of her sleek, braided ponytail followed by the unfortunate aftermath: A bald spot on the crown of her head.

The clip, with the caption “I’m shook,” pulled over 393,000 views this week, shocking her dismayed followers.

“All I wanted was a snatched braided ponytail,” the content creator wrote on the video. “WTF happened.”

The user included a photo from her birthday celebration, where she’s sporting the chic hairstyle.

Fellow glamazons commented that the slick updo had also cost them their locks, and @exteriorglam vowed to never try the style again. She explained that she was in “pain” wearing the ponytail, but didn’t take it out.

“That happened to me,” one user admitted. “Never again.”

“Oh, absolutely not. I got this done and I had to take it out the second I got home, my hair felt like it was ripping off my head,” another revealed.

“Happened to me too,” someone else wailed.

Bald spot on top of user's head after wearing slicked back ponytail
She was dismayed to discover a bald spot at the crown of her head, where the ponytail was seemingly tied.

It appeared that the impressively long braid was made possible with the help of hair extensions. The Post reached out to the TikToker for comment.

In an earlier video, the beauty guru posted her hair routine for the night of her birthday celebration, which was in December. She slicked back her hair and tied her short tresses into a tight ponytail before braiding the extensions in.

Other TikTokers have shared their harrowing hair loss stories tied to the slicked bun look popularized last summer.

One user blamed the hairstyle for her receding hair line. She said she donned the ‘do all summer long, but at the cost of her baby hairs.

The look became trendy thanks to Bieber and Hadid, who influenced the internet to buy into the “clean girl aesthetic” last year.

According to Healthline, repeatedly pulling on hair — like by wearing it in a slicked updo — could cause traction alopecia.

To prevent hair loss, experts recommend switching up looks with something looser.

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