Crying ‘Disney adult’ mocked: ‘I was 4 and didn’t even react like this’

They thought she was too old to be having a bawl at Disney World.

A video of a woman sobbing for joy at Disney World has divided folks on social media, with many critics dubbing her a prime example of a so-called “Disney adult” — a trending moniker applied to those who seem too old to enjoy Disney products. The clip was posted to TikTok last March but recently amassed 3.4 million views after it was recently shared again on the app.

“[Cue] the ugly crying, first time seeing Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom,” reads the clip’s caption, which was posted by online Disney fanatic @Jordan.Jacee.

The footage begins with the grown woman walking through the Orlando, Florida, theme park while gussied up in plastic Mickey Mouse ears and a purple shirt festooned with Disney pins. All of a sudden, Jacee spots the iconic Cinderella Castle for the first time, whereupon she bursts into tears of joy like a castaway spotting a Cheesecake Factory.

Needless to say, her Disney-induced sobs divided commenters, who, like the villains of “Cinderella,” mocked her need to have a “bawl.”

“I saw it when I was 4 and didn’t even react like this,” scoffed one TikToker, while another called the video an “excruciating watch.”

“I thought this was a video of a wife seeing their military spouse for the first time in a year,” another quipped.

Others dubbed the video a symptom of the “Disney adult” phenomenon, in which childless millennials suffer from what critics deem is an unhealthy obsession with the Happiest Place on Earth.

“This is literally the definition of a Disney adult,” said one detractor, while another fumed, “someone stop the Disney adults.”

The phenomenon gained national attention in 2019 due to a resurfaced Facebook post, in which a mother proposed that adults without kids should be banned from Disney World.

“It pisses me off TO NO END!!!!! when I see CHILDLESS COUPLES WITHOUT AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!” she fumed. “People without CHILDREN need to be BANNED!!!!! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip ALL THE LINE!!!”

Visitors walk along Main Street at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.
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Since then, numerous examples of these Disney-loving millennials have reared their Mickey Mouse-eared heads. In June 2022, a bride drew ire on Reddit after revealing she and her husbandhired Mickey and Minnie Mouse for their weddingat the expense of providing food for guests.

This past May, a 27-year-old House of Mouse fan was told to “grow up” after she filmed herself bawling while hugging Goofy.

New York Post columnist Johnny Oleksinski declared in 2019 that it’s high time that these Donald Duckolds leave Neverland.

“Millennials are indeed in an unhealthy relationship with Disney, having granted control of so much of their leisure time and personality to a single, enormous corporate entity meant for children,” he scoffed. “Want to see a movie? Let’s go to the remake of 1994’s ‘The Lion King’ or 1992’s ‘Aladdin.’ Want to go on vacation? Sure, let’s jet off to the new Toy Story Land at Disney World, based on my favorite film from 1995.”

He continued, “While we’re at it, why not return to the safety and comfort of the womb?”

However, others have flocked to the defense of this millennial Mickey Mouse club cardholder.

Commenting on the aforementioned Disney crier, one sympathetic party wrote, “You guys in the comments need to learn basic respect. This is her dream.. let her live her own life. She isn’t harming you.”

“You’re forgetting not everyone was lucky and privileged to go to Disneyland frequently as a kid,” declared another. “Let’s let people live their dream no matter the age.”

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