Why I refused to babysit my nephew when my sister-in-law went into labor

A woman has enraged people after admitting she refused to look after her nephew when her sister-in-law went into labor two weeks early.

Jessica explained that she and her husband are childfree and never babysit or linger at family gatherings where there’s children.

However, her brother Ben still asked her if she’d be willing to watch her five-year-old nephew when his wife Megan went into labor.

“We said no, I work a lot and my husband goes out of town for his work. Knowing this, they hired a sitter,” she explained in her Reddit post.

“They begged but I said no” 

However, when Megan went into labor two weeks early, they faced a problem.

“The sitter had Covid and couldn’t come…they begged me to watch my nephew, but I said no,” she said.

“My husband was out of town, and I had work that entire week, and didn’t know how long this was going to take. They said it was an emergency, to which I reminded them “a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine”.

A woman who lives a “childfree lifestyle” refused to babysit her nephew when her sister-in-law went into labor.
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“My brother ended up having to leave her at the hospital to watch my nephew.”

Jessica went on to say that Ben and Megan have been blasting her to the rest of the family – who all live interstate – “as some demon.”

“They’re now saying I’ll never get to meet my niece, which IDK why they think that’s a threat, I’m not exactly a fun aunt. I don’t see why I should be a babysitter just because my brother has poor planning.”

“Your lack of empathy is disgusting”

While people respected Jessica’s choice to be childfree, they slammed her actions given the situation.

“As part of a child-free couple, I get it, kids can be a lot if you’re not used to them. But the lack of empathy here is disgusting. This was an emergency. What an absolute clown to do this to your family,” one person said.

“So a medical emergency is now lack of planning? Hopefully, your family will remember that when you get sick and need their help,” another person fumed.

“It doesn’t take a genius to know that an emergency can’t be planned for. There is no possible way to have a backup plan for every possible emergency that might happen,” someone pointed out.

Meanwhile, another said: “They did plan, you yourself admitted they planned. Their plan fell through for a legitimate reason. It was incredibly cruel and heartless of you to make your brother have to miss the birth of his child because you wanted to be petty.”

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