I’m a student hungry for revenge — someone’s stealing my food deliveries

He wants to wrap this case up.

A Texas college student went ham after learning someone in his dorm has been stealing his food deliveries — and he’s cooking up a revenge plot.

Ethan Pham, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, has been documenting his journey to catching the taco thief on his TikTok page. His initial video has already delivered over 1.6 million views since it was posted late last month.

“This all started when I ordered Chipotle to the dorms and whenever I came down to get my order it was gone,” Pham wrote in a Wednesday email to The Post.

“I was actually so upset, so I started scheming a whole revenge plan to catch the person who stole it, but I honestly didn’t expect this many people to watch the TikTok.”

Ethan Pham, a college student at UT Austin, figured out that someone in his dorm was stealing his food deliveries--and he's out for revenge.
Ethan Pham figured out someone in his dorm was stealing his food deliveries, and now he’s hungry for revenge.
Tiktok / ethanphamtastic

In the video, Pham explained, “So someone in my dorm has been stealing my food deliveries, and I wanna find out who it is, but I also wanna get revenge.”

He revealed he put a Chipotle bowl in a brown bag from the chain, but instead of a delicious burrito bowl, the clever culprit got vegetables. Pham also added a fork, napkin, and a picture that read, “Caught your ass in 4K bitch.”

Instead of getting a Chipotle order, the thief would be getting a bowl of vegetables instead, along with a funny note.
Instead of getting a Chipotle order, the thief nabbed a bowl of vegetables and a funny note.
Tiktok / ethanphamtastic

For dessert, he stuck a blue sticky note on the bowl that read: “Eat your veggies.”

“I’ve got too much time on my hands,” Pham laughed at the end of the 41-second clip, which showed him bringing the decoy dinner downstairs to the dorm’s delivery rack.

In the comments section of his video, some people thought Pham was being “too kind” to the burrito bandit.

“This was way way too kind. should’ve used exlax or ghost pepper,” one TikToker chided. “Not joking one bit.”

Another agreed, typing, “I would order a real meal and put some laxatives in the food lol.”

“I thought you were gonna order something deadly spicy to teach them a lesson,” a third suggested. “That’s what I would do. 😂.”

Some even recommended he drop in an Apple AirTag, a small, portable device used to track belongings.

In a follow-up prank, Pham filled a Chick-fil-a bag with trash in order to support his efforts of catching the thief.
In a follow-up prank, Pham filled a Chick-fil-A bag with trash.
Tiktok / ethanphamtastic

“Drop an AirTag in it?” one viewer advised. “Then track it, Leads you right to their door?”

A second TikToker chimed in, writing, “Put an AirTag at the bottom of the bag and cover with brown paper🤙🏻.”

In a follow-up video uploaded Tuesday, Pham admitted he hadn’t yet caught the thief — but he is hatching a better plan. In the meantime, he played the initial prank again, this time using a Chick-fil-A bag filled with trash instead of vegetables, as some viewers had proposed.

“Honestly right now I’m probably not gonna know who’s stealing the food, I just wanna troll them a little bit, so they can stop stealing people’s food, ya know?” Pham explained at the end of the clip.

Pham revealed to The Post that, “The Chick-fil-A bag full of trash was taken by someone, but I’m not sure who took it.”

Pham also left another funny note in the Chick-fil-a bag full of trash.
Pham also left a funny note in the Chick-fil-A trash bag.
Tiktok / ethanphamtastic

Pham declined to spill the beans on his next steps, but promised to fill his followers in on the pursuit.

Back in 2019, an Arizona man was jailed for stealing another man’s burrito. No word if it was from Chipotle.

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