I’m a server — my customers’ card got declined, so I had to pay

A Dallas server claims she’s the one who got served the bill when her customers’ card was declined.

Audrey Kuga, 22, has gone viral on TikTok for alleging she was forced to pay for the broke people she waited on.

“A big f–k you to the people who walked [out after ordering] $300 worth of food and alcohol and the card declined and I had to pay part of their bill since I was your server,” she wrote on a video that’s served 1.5 million views since it was posted last month.

“Not only did I lose a $55 tip I lost $70 of my own money because of y’all. Treat your servers better and don’t order s–t you can’t afford,” she added.

“Thank u so much to these a$$holes. I hope karma is a b!tch to you,” Kuga captioned the clip.

Audrey, a server in Dallas, claimed that she had to pay for a party's meals after their card was declined.
Audrey Kuga posted the viral TikTok on Jan. 22, and it’s delivered 1.5 million views.
TikTok / @meow.ak47

The unfortunate incident brought over 2,000 comments, many wondering why Kuga was responsible for the bill because having a server be on the hook is “illegal.”

According to the Department of Labor, “Deductions made from wages for items such as cash shortages, required uniforms, or customer walk-outs are illegal if the deduction reduces the employee’s wages below the minimum wage or cuts into overtime pay.”

“It’s against the law to make servers pay for declined cards or walkouts,” one TikToker insisted.

“Don’t do it again,” another advised the employee. “Don’t pay anything that you did not consume, that is not right, you’re there to make money.”

“I just started as a server but my manager looked me in the face and said that if anybody tried to make me pay for a table call her or corporate,” another person shared.

In a follow-up video, Kuga reasoned that she was exhausted from working back-to-back 10-plus-hour days, so she didn’t fight it when she was told to pay up.

Server claims she paid customer's bill after their card was declined
She claimed she had to pay for a party’s meal after their card was declined.
TikTok / @meow.ak47

Others confessed they, too, could sadly relate to Kuga’s situation.

“My manager tried to force us to pay on walk outs but we just take a write up instead. It’s not legal for them to force you to pay 😳 that’s a lawsuit,” one divulged.

“I had a woman who had THREE different cards decline and she got mad at me?!! Don’t be mad at me bc you’re broke. Her son ended up paying,” another revealed.

“This just happened to me last night. $280 tab…. Then she came back, tried to order more I said no she called me lazy and I went IN on her,” someone else disclosed.

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