This 81-year-old socialite is NYC’s hottest new TikTok star

Nikki Haskell is one of New York City’s rising TikTok stars — at age 81.

“I’m skewing young,” the octogenarian told The Post of her newfound platform as a “Grandfluencer” on TikTok, where she calls herself the OG influencer and dishes about knowing your worth, learning how to delegate and that time she left a sex party because the participants weren’t pretty enough.

“I’m young at heart,” Haskell tells her 130,000 followers.

Haskell has had many lives. She had a career on Wall Street in the late 1960s, then she hosted a glamorous cable access program “The Nikki Haskell Show, where she interviewed the likes of Liza Minelli and Andy Warhol. There was also a failed bid at diet guru – in 2014, she was fined $60,000 for mislabeling her StarCaps diet pills. Now, she’s adding social media maven to the list.

Despite being criticized for her support of president Donald Trump, she has a team of twenty-somethings working to produce slick videos about longevity advice and the series “Things I know in my 80s I wish I knew in my 20s” on the social media platform where she has amassed millions of views.

From talk host show to TikTok sensation, New York City socialite Nikki Haskell is targeting a younger audience as a “Grandfluencer” on TikTok.
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