My toxic mother-in-law wore a white gown to my wedding — then gaslit me

Forget “something blue” – this bride was seeing red.

One blushing newlywed was furious when her mother-in-law allegedly showed up at her wedding in a white dress.

Jasmine Hopper went viral on Tiktok after revealing that even after the wedding fiasco, the mother of the groom reportedly attempted to gaslight the couple by saying the dress was not white, but cream with gold sequins.

The video, posted Tuesday, has since gained more than 6 million views.

Hopper later elaborated on what happened in a series of videos.

“So the day we went wedding dress shopping, my mother-in-law was there with us. I picked out a mermaid-laced sequin-style gown,” recalled Hopper. “I wanted to look beautiful on my wedding day. I wanted to wear something I could feel sexy in.”

Hopper said that for her big day, she was doing her own hair and make-up, so she was incredibly focused on making herself look beautiful — and it didn’t really register that her in-law was wearing an almost identical dress.

“No one could distract me. There was one single thing — not even wearing a white dress to my wedding that could distract me,” said Hopper. “So when she was wearing that dress and practically showed up in the same dress I was wearing, I really had no reaction other than, ‘Huh. Maybe she shouldn’t be wearing that. That’s weird.’”

“I remember my sister saying, ‘Do you want me to go spill some wine on her?’” continued Hopper. “I don’t wanna cause any problems — this is my day.”

According to Hopper, it wasn’t until the day after the wedding that it actually hit her — after seeing the wedding photos.

Hopper recalled getting angrier and angrier the more she looked at the pictures. Hopper took the photos to her husband — who also didn’t register what his mother was wearing —and expressed her anger.

Hopper elaborated on what happened in a series of videos.

The video has gained nearly 6 million views on TikTok.
The video has gained nearly 6 million views on TikTok.

“We were so focused on it being our wedding day and wanting to have such a good time, and we are in love with each other, that what she was wearing didn’t phase us,” said Hopper.

In a follow-up video, Hopper detailed how disturbing it was during the mother-son dance portion of the wedding and how everyone was commenting on the fact she was wearing a white dress.

“I can’t even put into words how embarrassed I am now that my mother-in-law wore the same dress as me on my wedding day. It hurts my soul,” slammed the bride. “All I can think about when I think about my wedding is the dumb bitch who had my dress on.”

The married couple claimed that they did not speak to the offending party for nearly nine months — until she reached out to them.

“She was shocked to hear it was because of her dress choice,” Hopper. said of their alleged temporary estrangement “She had no idea that we were upset with her about the dress.”

It was then that mom-in-law reportedly tried to gaslight the couple by saying the dress was a “cream-colored, gold sequined dress.”

“I’m not blind, and neither is everybody I know,” slammed Hopper. “That was a white gown. it was absolutely a white dress — a sequined, lace, mermaid-style dress, like mine.”

The couple explained the situation and the mother-in-law apparently sent Hopper an apologetic text, which the bride accepted.

Despite that, however, things got worse.

Two months after the text, the embattled mother-in-law reignited the feud when she sent out Christmas cards — featuring the wedding snafu.

Hopper called out several of her followers for saying her husband — who she revealed in a previous TikTok for having a negative relationship with his mother — was himself a “red flag.”

“It’s not my husband, I swear,” claimed Hopper, citing that they were so preoccupied with each other to know what was going on.

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