State of the Union 2023 drinking game: How the internet is playing with Biden

President Joe Biden is set to deliver his second State of the Union address Tuesday night — and social media watchdogs are ready to get sloshed.

A slew of liquor-loving pundits took to Twitter this morning to devise rules for their drinking games and encouraged their followers to take part when President Biden makes his call for “unity” — after spending much of last year bashing Republicans himself and through his press secretary.

White House officials teasing Biden’s 9 p.m. speech — which will reportedly pitch tax hikes on the wealthy — told media Tuesday morning that he will recycle talking points from his 2022 SOTU address to argue that “members of both parties can come together and deliver for the American people.”

This has spawned a spirited slew of Twitter drinking game alerts: Most proposals revolved around taking a sip or shot each time the 80-year-old POTUS utters one of his signature phrases, such as “C’mon man.”

Twitter users have proposed a variety of different drinking games for tonight’s State of the Union address. President Biden is pictured at last year’s SOTU.
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“Joe Biden #SOTU drinking game,” one wrote. “Whenever he says ‘not a joke’ or ‘I’m not kidding’ you take a drink!”

“Does this game come with health insurance covering liver transplants?” another user rapidly responded.

Meanwhile, a separate social media pundit predicted that the current commander-in-chief would spend much of his address obsessing over the previous president.

“SOTU DRINKING GAME,” they wrote. “Take one shot every time Biden says ‘Trump.’ “

Elsewhere, enthusiastic drinkers encouraged alcohol consumption each time the president referenced a familiar issue or theme, such as “Ukraine”, “economic growth” and “wages being up.”

One self-proclaimed “extremely sarcastic” Twit with shared a full list of handy buzz words to get your drink on. Take a shot every time you hear:

  • “You think I’m kidding”
  • “I’m the guy”
  • “Look, folks…”
  • “Last administration”
  • “Ukraine”
  • “Economic growth”
  • “Food prices are down”
  • “Wages are up”
  • “Lowest unemployment”
  • And drink an entire bottle for every word that is made up.

Others, however, weren’t so kind and used the rules of their game to attack the president’s speaking style.

“One shot [every time ] Biden whispers or Biden stutters/misspeaks,” a critic quipped.

Of course, some conspiracy theorists took the light-hearted viral challenge to a much darker place.

One clever poster even offered up a full-on “Biden Bingo” card for people don’t want “to end up in the ER with alcohol poisoning” Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Biden wasn’t the only politician to be the butt of SOTU drinking game rules.

Another tartly remarked: “If they turned the SOTU into a drinking game where you had to drink a shot for every blatant lie, how many people across the US would die of alcohol poisoning?”

Vice President Kamala Harris — who will be sitting, as is customary, behind the commander-in-chief during his address — was also savaged by social media.

The 58-year-old VP’s oft-mocked laugh was the target of the Twitterati, with one writing: “Drinking game for Biden’s SOTU: Drink every time Kamala Harris laughs at something that is not funny or a joke.”

Vice President Kamala Harris is being slammed by critics after allegedly laughing at a question regarding Ukrainian refugees while meeting with the Polish President.
Vice President Kamala Harris is being slammed by critics after allegedly laughing at a question regarding Ukrainian refugees while meeting with the Polish president.
REUTERS/Kacper Pempel

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