My kid wore ripped jeans to school — I’m fuming they duct-taped her legs

This mad mom is taping no prisoners.

One mother on TikTok has claimed that her child’s school put duct tape over her ripped jeans for violating dress-code — and it’s tearing her apart.

According to the viral video — which has reached nearly four million views since it was published mid-December — user @shanahdrummond2 had ostensibly filmed herself walking into her child’s school and asking an administrator if they thought it was “acceptable” and part of their “policy” to place duct tape on her daughter’s skin.

In response, the administrator can be faintly heard saying that she told the student to go to the nurse’s office — though it’s not clear why — but the mom claimed in the comments section of the TikTok that that was a “lie.” Per her daughter’s account, the administrator had asked only if she had an extra pair of pants — which she reportedly did not — before demanding the pants be taped shut.

At the end of the 24-second clip, she showed a picture of her daughter wearing the ripped jeans in question with two slabs of red duct tape over her upper thighs.

The Post has reached out to Drummond for comment via TikTok, as well as the presumed school where the incident occurred.

The mom — @shanahdrummond2 on TikTok — said that she was “pissed” with the way the school handled her daughter’s dress code violation.

When she entered her daughter's school, she asked the administrator whether or not they thought it was
The mom referred to the school’s handbook, which did not list “duct tape” as an approved method of disciplinary action.

In the caption of the TikTok video, the creator asked, “Am I overreacting, or am I justified in being pissed off that the school thought it was acceptable to put duct tape on my child’s skin? I feel the school should’ve called me if they needed to change her pants.”

The mama bear also explained in the caption that her daughter has “eczema” and “sensitive skin.” Luckily, her daughter texted her mom to let her know what was going on, so she didn’t have to sit in school all day with the duct tape on her legs.

Though duct tape adhesive isn’t known to be exceptionally harmful, it certainly can cause irritation at the site of contact for some with sensitivity and could break the skin if ripped off too aggressively.

The incident nevertheless sparked a debate in the comments below on TikTok, with some people agreeing that the school went too far.

“Dress code or not, you call the parents and tell them to bring a change of clothes,” one viewer insisted. “You don’t put tape on someone’s child!”

Another claimed, “I’m allergic to adhesive and would break out in hives! That’s just one reason they can’t do that.”

Reassuringly, one viewer told the distraught mom, “No, mama, you’re absolutely in the right. This is beyond wrong it doesn’t matter if she’s out of dress code duct tape is ridiculous.”

She said that her daughter has skin allergies, which is why she was displeased.
The mom also claimed that the ripped jeans in question had never previously invoked disciplinary action.

Am I overreacting, or am I justified in being pissed off that the school thought it was acceptable to put duct tape on my childs skin? I feel the school should’ve called me if they needed her to change her pants. We have never had an issue with a dress code before. The cheerleader uniforms are shorter than this. She was humiliated and had to hide it by tying her coat around the front of her. My daughter has eczema & sensitive skin and if she didn’t text us, she would’ve sat all day with duct tape irritating her legs. #dresscode #policy #TheRealPussinBoots #school #madmomma

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In defense of decorum, some viewers were critical of the careless parent.

“She went against dress code and was offered the chance to change and said no,” one user wrote. “She’s old enough to know better.”

Chastized another, “You’re overreacting — you should know your dress code. Don’t send your kids to school and tore up jeans it’s not allowed.”

In a follow-up video, @shanahdrummond2 explained that her outrage had “absolutely nothing” to do with the dress code at the school — even though the pants weren’t against code last year, she alleged — or her daughter getting in trouble. Rather, she took umbrage with the way the school “handled” this incident. She claimed that the consequences for violating dress code in the school’s handbook do not include duct tape, which she presented in a separate video.

The school’s alleged guidelines appear to state that disciplinary actions for further violating dress code included in-school suspension, after-school detention, Saturday school, out-of-school suspension and/or corporal (physical) punishment.

“My daughter suffers from skin conditions and allergies,” she explained during a subsequent episode on TikTok. “And duct-tape is not safe for her skin.”

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