I’m a celebrity makeup artist — your zits get worse when you do this

Don’t brush off this advice — turns out you’ve been applying concealer all wrong.

Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick took to TikTok on Thursday to show how to hide pimples without slathering on concealer or contaminating the product container.

“Cakey makeup on a zit defeats the purpose because it stands out even more,” she declares.

In the two-minute clip — which has popped with 1.7 million views — Murdick instructs makeup wearers to wash their hands before adding a minute amount of liquid concealer onto the back of their hand to serve as a palette.

Using the brush in the concealer tube to apply the liquid directly to the zit could allow bacteria to transfer to the brush and into the container, she observes.

The makeup artist explained in a viral TikTok the best way to put on concealer.

Grab a separate small brush instead so “you can pick up a little bit of your concealer — just a little bit — and pat it right on top of the area you want to cover.”

Murdick recommends letting the concealer rest on the face for about 10 seconds before beginning to work the product into the skin with a synthetic blending brush. In her video, she highlighted the Bdellium Tools 785 brush.

She continues: “This will be so much less cakey because we used a fraction of the product that you would be using if you were actually dabbing the concealer on your face.”

For the final step, the Los Angeles-based cosmetic artist advises against adding powder where the breakouts occurred because “this can add to the cakiness.” She suggests spritzing setting spray instead.

Murdick reveals how putting concealer on open zits with a reusable brush can contaminate the product.

TikTok commenters were grateful for the eye-opening guidance.

“Uhhhh I’m gonna pretend like I didn’t see this so I don’t feel bad about using my zit contaminated concealer 😂,” one joked.

Another added: “Was literally just about to go cover up some zits the wrong way. [Thank you] algorithm for this intervention 🙌.”

“Omg this is super helpful 🥰,” someone chimed in.

“You’re saving [my] lifeeeeeee!” a user trilled.

Users were astounded by the influencer’s explanations.

Someone else confessed: “That literally makes so much sense as to why I keep breaking out in the same spots 🥲.”

Dr. Azadeh Shirazi, a California dermatologist and founder of the beauty line AziMD Skincare, told The Post that makeup users should always use clean brushes when applying cosmetics. Wash them after use, she advises.

Murdick advised against putting on too much concealer, which will make the makeup look “cakey.”

Meanwhile, New Jersey-based dermatologist Dr. Shari Sperling told The Post that makeup users should apply concealer with a clean finger.

“Ingredients and oils in concealers can worsen the acne. It’s best to not use makeup and let your skin breathe,” Dr. Sperling said. “Since acne is caused by oils and bacteria, coming into direct contact with the zit will contaminate the whole concealer. Brushes should be cleaned regularly since that can also grow bacteria.”

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