I named my baby after a ‘Lion King’ character — and my family hates it

For Disney-loving mom Becky Roberts, giving her daughter a name inspired by the House of Mouse was a no-brainer — even though her family disagreed.

Roberts gave her baby the moniker “Kiara,” which is the name of the beloved Disney character Simba’s daughter in the cartoon, “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.”

The baby’s middle name is Rose, taking inspiration from “Beauty and the Beast.”

But those closest to her weren’t happy with her choice of name.

“A lot of people, like my family, turned their noses up at it and kept saying things like ‘what sort of a name is that?’” the British mom told Southwest News Service. “No one really liked it apart from me and my partner. We knew it was going to be an unusual name from the start because people were quite shocked.”

Kiara and her mom Becky Roberts.
Becky Roberts / SWNS

Baby Kiara with a Lion King Kiara toy.
A baby Kiara Rose snuggling up with her “Lion King” toy.
Becky Roberts / SWNS

Roberts explained that her passion for the mouse and his animated friends began when she was pregnant. To pass the time before her baby arrived, she started a collection of Disney DVDs to watch.

“After watching ‘Lion King 2,’ I remembered my dad buying me a stuffed Kiara toy at the Heathrow Disney store when I was little,” she recalled.

Becky Roberts and Kiara
Kiara and her giant Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.
Becky Roberts / SWNS

While brainstorming names, Roberts said that she and Kiara’s dad “fell in love with the name.”

The mom-of-one said that when her daughter was born, she gave her a stuffed Kiara animal as well as a fake rose toy in celebration of her monikers.

Becky Roberts and Kiara
Kiara’s “Beauty and the Beast”-themed third birthday cake.
Becky Roberts / SWNS

Kiara's Beauty and the Beast themed 3rd Birthday cake
“She has loads of Disney toys and clothes — and she loves Disney+,” Roberts said.
Becky Roberts / SWNS

At first, she said her family didn’t support her name choice, but they eventually came around to it.

“They finally agree it’s an amazing name and it really suits her,” she said.

Kiara Rose, now 7 years old, is just as much of a fan of Walt Disney as her mom and loves to watch both “The Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

Kiara dressed up as the character Snow White.
Becky Roberts / SWNS

Baby Kiara with a Lion King Kiara toy.
Kiara and a doll from the Disney movie “Frozen.”
Becky Roberts / SWNS

Roberts has also passed on some of her DVDs, often turns on Disney+ for Kiara and plans to buy her more Disney-themed merchandise soon.

“She has loads of Disney toys and clothes — and she loves Disney+,” the doting mom said. “In March, we’ll even be taking her to the Disney store in London so she can spend all of her birthday money.”

While Roberts was completely sure of her baby’s name, not all moms have the same confidence about the chosen monikers for their offspring. One mom in California said many people hate her child’s unique name, Coast, while a British mom admitted she regrets naming her daughter Maggie.

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