Shein jean thong ‘shorts’ raise eyebrows: ‘My crotch would never recover’

She wore itsy bitsy teeny weeny denim shorts that give her wedgies.

A Shein shopper has exposed the Chinese retailer’s latest clothing disaster online: jean shorts that show way more than booty cheeks.

“This picture is chafing me,” Twitter user Katherine Sliter tweeted.

And these jean shorts are not your average bottoms. Marketed as “Low Rise Booty Denim Shorts,” the denim garment looks more like a skimpy thong that barely covers nether regions.

The scandalous $12.99 shorts caused a frenzy on Twitter, with users stunned by such barely-there knickers.

“My crotch would never recover,” tweeted one person.

“That’s not enough fabric to cover the goods. I doubt those shorts would pass a public decency test,” wrote another.

Other Twitter users were confused, wondering how their dump truck would even fit inside the fun-size shorts — which didn’t even have a model wearing them in the listing.

“How do you fit anything in there?!” and “where does everything else go?” concerned shoppers commented.

Shein’s “Low Rise Booty Denim Shorts” have raised eyebrows.

Low Rise Booty Denim Shorts
The bottoms look like skimpy underwear instead of denim shorts.
Jam Press

Although many people are dismayed over the shorts, some bold fashionistas wanted to experience “wedgie city” themselves.

“Omg, I look like a busted can of biscuits in Spanx!” one declared.

“Very cute, can’t wait to wear it to pole class,” added another.

“My husband loves these!” chimed in a bold fashionista.

Even with mixed reviews, the scanty bottoms are still available on Shein’s website in sizes 4 to 14 in four different colors.

It’s not the first time Shein was roasted for selling provocative clothing pieces.

The Chinese retailer has become known for clothes that leave little to the imagination, such as the “SXY Rhinestone Studded One-Piece Swimsuit.

The sold-out swimsuit barely had enough cloth to cover the model’s groin area having many people question “Where would my flaps go?

And last year, the online clothing purveyor received blowback for an ultra-tiny bikini that was prone for a wardrobe malfunction.

The swimsuit covered the model’s lady parts with about the same strength as dental floss.

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