8-year-old spearfisherman brushes off shark bite in Australia after he catches fish

What started out as a fun afternoon fishing with dad turned into a near nightmare for an 8-year-old boy when a shark tried to steal the boy’s dinner but ended up catching the boy instead.

Manni Alam nabbed a coral trout while spearfishing off a beach in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He told his dad he wanted to show the fish on a TikTok video. So the boy got back into the water, according to local news media.

You can hear the dad say, “Manni, show me what you got.”

The boy places his catch on the edge of the boat. He is about to say something when a shark lunged at him. The local TV station identified the shark as a black-footed shark.

The shark missed the dead fish and snapped. Then it fell against Manni. A tooth went through the wetsuit and hit the boy’s chest then swam away.

In a later TikTok video Manni, being interviewed by a local news reporter, pulls down his collar to show what looks like a scratch on his chest, but it is actually the shark bite.

“It just felt like a little bit, it hurt a little bit on the chest, but that’s it,” Manni said.

The local TV station identified the shark as a black-footed shark.

The reporter asked if he hopes it scars and Manni said, “Yeah.” 

Manni’s dad told the reporter that his son is no stranger to sharks despite his young age. He said encountering the carnivores “is a very common thing” when diving in the ocean.

“I am going back in,” said Manni.

Several critics attacked the veracity of the shark attack after the video went viral. But dad insists its real, along with the chest injury.

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