I flew to Italy to get pizza and the trip cost me less than a Domino’s pie

He surprisingly saved a lot of dough.

A UK influencer became the envy of epicurean life-hackers everywhere after flying to Italy and buying pizza — all for less than the price of a Domino’s pie. Footage of the lad’s pound-saving pie-grimage currently boasts 1.9 million views on TikTok.

“I set myself the challenge to fly all the way to Italy and buy pizza for cheaper than the price of a Domino’s,” declared London’s Callum Ryan in the clip describing his pie-in-the-sky scheme.

On the face, this seemed like an impossible feat: The price of a medium pizza at the UK branches of the fast food chain clocks in at around £19.99 ($24.64) — seemingly much less than a plane trip, even without a bonafide Italian slice.

However, the resourceful Londoner was able to book a last-minute flight to Milan for just £8 ($10). He then “used TikTok” to find the “best” — and presumably most affordable — pizzeria the Margherita mecca had to offer, per the clip.

Callum Ryan managed to book a last-minute flight to Milan for just £8 ($9.83).

The total bill plus the flight was quite a bit less than the Domino's pizza.
The total bill plus the flight was quite a bit less than the Domino’s pizza.

Callum tucks into his money-saving margherita.
Callum tucks into his money-saving Margherita.

Upon arrival, Ryan was greeted with a complementary glass of prosecco and antipasti, before tucking into the Margherita pie itself, which set him back £9.72 (around $12) including the service charge. He also got a drink, but it “didn’t count because that’s an optional extra at Domino’s,” the finance-savvy foodie explained.

All told, the plane and the pie ran Ryan about half the price of a Domino’s medium pizza.

“We did it,” exclaimed the Brit while fist-bumping at the end of the clip.

While undoubtedly impressive, many TikTok nitpickers pointed out that the dough-saving hack didn’t factor in the influencer’s commute to the pizzeria or his return flight to London.

A Domino's medium pizza in the UK cost £19.99, per the clip.
A Domino’s medium pizza in the UK costs £19.99, per the clip.

“That’s a long walk from the airport,” quipped one wit, while one skeptic wrote, “What was the return flight cost??”

“And how you getting back then,” wondered another.

Interestingly, this same pizza parlor trick would be near impossible to pull off when factoring in US prices for a Domino’s pie, which runs $7.99 for a medium cheese pie.

This isn’t the first food fast food hack to have cash-strapped gourmets salivating. Last month, TikTok user Josiah Vargas claimed that he went to McDonald’s and was given a full of cash in addition to his order.

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