I’d want doctors to save me not my baby if anything went wrong during labor

Mom Shelbie Lenora has gone against popular opinion and shared her point of view on what she would do if a doctor had to choose between her baby during labor, or her own life.

In a TikTok which now has over two million views and 1.8k comments, and has sparked a wider conversation, the mom has said she has a responsibility to her existing kids, too. 

“My babies need me”

The mom of two posted to TikTok recently with a short five-second clip that provided insight into her controversial standpoint. She wrote text over footage of her lip-syncing, which read:

“If during birth you have to choose to save me or the baby, save me.”

Mother Shelbie Lenora went viral on TikTok for sharing that she would ask a doctor to save her life over her baby if there were complications during labor.

She continues, “I have babies at home that need me.”

She also confirmed that her husband supported her choice, captioning the clip, “and my husband agrees.”

Many viewers also sided with Shelbie, saying that they would want the same. 

“Before I had kids, I’d say save the baby”

As the top commenter Lea Adkins wrote, “You’re the first person that didn’t say ‘save the baby’… I agree with you completely.”

Another mom added, “Moms that get it… get it.”

Lenora explained that she has
Lenora explained that she has “babies at home that need me.”

One mom shared her experience: “My husband said last time I went into labor if anything goes wrong that we can have another baby any time but our son has only one mother.”

Viewers who weren’t parents also could relate to Shelbie’s perspective, with one writing: “I agree, even without having children. Don’t forget we are also someone’s children… My parents couldn’t live without me.”

Some noted how their feelings on the issue had changed.

“Before I had kids, I’d say save the baby. I have two kids now… they need me,” a viewer wrote.

Another added, “I’ve always thought to save the baby… but I’ve got a [child] now and seeing this I realize, yeah she needs me.”

But not everyone was on board with Shelbie’s opinion.

“People say this but losing a baby and then living after it is the hardest ever… saying it like it’s nothing. I’d rather die than go through that again,” one devastated mom wrote.

“I have three kids, save me. If it was my first baby, then I would have said save the baby,” another mom shared.

Finally, there was this: “I couldn’t live with [saving myself], I’d rather have my baby be born.”

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