Rangers discover 400 ‘bear selfies’ taken on park camera

This Colorado grizzly could not bear the opportunity to take a good selfie.

Park rangers discovered hundreds of photos taken by bears on wildlife cameras meant to simply observe animals.

“Of the 580 photos captured, about 400 were bear selfies,” OSMP wrote on Twitter in a post that has over 1,000 likes.

The bear served several fierce poses, channeling their Tyra Banks’ smize and showing off every adorable angle in its bear-y cute photo dump.

The Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) has nine camera traps on 46,000 acres in Boulder, Colorado.

The camera trap allows rangers to observe animals in their habitat, snapping a photo each time the motion detector is set off. The team uses infrared light to reduce any disturbance for nocturnal wildlife.

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The bear showed off several different angles to the camera.

bear selfie
It is unclear what caused the bear to be so intrigued by the camera.


bear selfie
Colorados’ Open Space and Mountain Parks shares they do not encounter close-up animal interactions often.

Colorados' Open Space and Mountain Parks
OSMP uses infrared lights to avoid disturbances for animals.


Park rangers were surprised to see the bear’s selfies, “most often, no one — not even City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks staff — ever sees them,” a spokesperson told SWNS.

“But sometimes the staff is fortunate enough to get an up-close look. These cameras help us to learn what animals are really out there and what they are up to,” said Christian Nunes, an OSMP wildlife ecologist.

One thing we haven’t learned is where the bear plans to post those selfies.

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