Model Kristen McMenamy falls wearing sky-high heels at Valentino fashion show

Valentino’s spring fashion show included a look from the fall.

American supermodel Model Kristen McMenamy, 58, took a tumble on the Valentino runway during their spring 2023 haute couture show in Paris earlier this week.

After a viral clip of McMenamy falling to the ground made the rounds on Twitter, the luxury brand was blasted for making the catwalk queen strut in what some onlookers claimed were ill-fitting heels.

“She was probably shaking. It’s embarrassing to mess up not only at work but especially in front of so many people who are watching you closely,” one added.

“I don’t understand how literal VALENTINO still makes models walk in shoes that are too small???” a tweeter asked.

The video, which has over 10 million views, featured McMenamy toppling over as she made her way down the runway.

After her fall, onlookers rushed to her aid. McMenamy hurriedly trudged the rest of the catwalk barefoot like a pro.

Social media users had several theories about why the model might have fallen over.

Someone said: “It’s the fit of the dress. When it’s too tight they can’t walk in heels much less in the dress. Valentino do better.”

McMenamy was modeling in the Valentino show when took a fall.
Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

She tripped in her heels and had trouble making it down the runway.

Others argued that it was the way the models feet are pointed – not the fit of the designer pumps – that caused the model to drop.

“Nahhhhh it’s her pigeon toes to blame not the heels this time,” a user stated.

Another chimed in: “No offense but she couldn’t walk straight with the shoes off either.”

After the supermodel dropped to the ground, she whipped off her heels.

“It wasn’t the shoes. Her feet point in the wrong direction,” one penned.

The supermodel made fun of herself Instagram, sharing a behind-the-scenes shot of herself getting ready for the show.

“Before the Fall,” she captioned the snapshot. Her fans loved the look and applauded her in the comments section for making light of her own mishap.

“It wasn’t the shoes. Her feet point in the wrong direction,” a user tweeted about McMenamy.

The new Valentino collection took inspiration from the global clubbing scene. Other clothing items featured in the show included neon pants and sequined garments.

Creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli told British Vogue about the ideas behind the new line.

“It’s the idea of the club as a place where fantasies can become real; where people are not only allowed to be who they want to be, but where their fantasies can transform them into whomever they wish to be. I think this is quite contemporary,” Piccioli said.

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