TikTok Bride sparks heated debate after saying bridesmaids shouldn’t pay to be in wedding

A bride-to-be has sparked debate after she said that her bridesmaids shouldn’t have to pay a cent to be part of her big day.

The TikTok user, known as @partygirlclauds, took to the popular video app to share her opinion.

“I’m getting married in August, and I don’t expect my bridesmaids to pay for a single thing including the hen’s [bachelorette] party” she said.

“Your wedding is not your bridesmaids’ financial responsibility.”

She said guests pay a certain amount to attend a wedding due to possibly buying an outfit and providing a gift.

But wedding party members have that, as well as bridal showers, bachelorette party costs and hair and makeup.

The TIkTok user said bridesmaids shouldn’t have to pay for anything when it comes to weddings.

Claudia said that it’s your wedding and bridal party members shouldn’t have to put their financial goals on hold to pay for your big day – especially when it may not be in their budget.

“To those brides who think ‘it’s a privilege to be my bridesmaid’, I would implore you to think again,” she said.

“Your bridesmaids are donating their time, physical and mental energy for the ways you expect them to show up for, so asking them to pay on top of that when weddings aren’t cheap.”

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The soon-to-be wife said weddings are not the bridesmaids’ “financial responsibility.”
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She said as a bridesmaid, she wouldn’t be comfortable paying $1000 to be a bridesmaid, so why would she expect her friends?

Social media users had differing opinions, with some agreeing with the premise of the video.

One commenter said: “Nope. I asked them, and I pay. Don’t have bridesmaids if you can’t afford it.”

The woman divided TikTok with her take, with some saying it's valid for bridesmaids to pay for certain things like their own dresses.
The woman divided TikTok with her take, with some saying it’s valid for bridesmaids to pay for certain things like their own dresses.

“I can’t fathom asking your bridesmaids to PAY for their own dresses/hair/makeup etc! That’s just bizarre to me,” another said.

One added: “Couple years ago my friend at the time asked me to be a bridesmaid and we all had to pay for everythinggg I spent over $700. ‍️Never again.”

Some didn’t agree at all.

One said: “Bridesmaids have the option to say NO you are an adult.”

Another said: “Well wouldn’t it be nice to have that much money. My bridesmaids paid all their own stuff and so have I, every time.”

One added: “Nope, you ask them to be part of your day, they can say no. Sure gift their jewelry or shoes, etc but not the whole lot. Ur already paying a lot.”

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