My husband put a creepy face filter on me during labor — and posted video online

He has a diaper bag full of tricks up his sleeve.

One woman on TikTok said she believed that her husband was taking a “sentimental” video of her during childbirth — but it turns out he was just filming her with an ugly-face filter instead.

Sarah Griffith, who goes by the username @griffithsarah_ on the social media platform, shared the video a few weeks ago, and it has already climbed to more than 1 million views.

In the TikTok video, Griffith is seen lying down in a hospital bed as she’s in labor, with an ugly filter put over her face that some users compared to Dobby the Elf from “Harry Potter.”

“POV: You’re in labor and think your husband is getting sentimental footage for you to look back on,” she wrote in white text over the video.

Griffith’s husband can also be heard calling his wife “pretty” while shooting the 9-second clip.

Sarah Griffith thought her husband was taking a nice video of her in labor — only to find out he had put an ugly face filter on her.

Although Griffith may have been disappointed by the less-than-flattering recording, she admitted in the caption that the effect he used on her face was the couple’s “favorite” Snapchat filter.

In the comments section for the video, some viewers could relate to having to deal with a jokester partner.

“My husband did the same exact thing when we were out on a date,” one person commented. “I thought he was being all cute and he posted it on his story 😳.”

“This was my man 😂 I have a million of these video 😅filters middle of labor,” another shared, while one viewer jokes, “He’s def ready to be a dad 😂.”

However, some users were appalled by her husband’s apparent immaturity.

“He better have gotten another photo or video,” one woman typed. “There is no excuse for this. This isn’t f–king funny girls!! Don’t be w men like this.”

One woman on TikTok thought her husband was taking a video of her during labor--turns out, he did a lot more than that.
One woman on TikTok thought her husband was taking a video of her during labor — turns out, he did a lot more than that.

One user griped: “I would be so upset but to each their own haha.”

Another claimed that she would’ve threatened him with separation.

“The way I would walk mid contraction to my lawyers office for divorce papers 😂😂😂😂😂😂,” they wrote.

This is not the first time a husband has behaved badly in the delivery room — another woman on TikTok shared that her husband brought an entire gaming system to the hospital during her 21-hour-induction so that he could be entertained.

A nurse even shared more of the horrible things that dads have said to their wives during labor — including asking whether or not the woman was being “dramatic” or asking to have sex ASAP — which may make this ugly-face filter seem like a minor offense.

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