You’re wearing turtlenecks all wrong, according to TikTok

You might want to think twice the next time you put on a turtleneck.

One woman on TikTok claimed that we’re all putting on turtlenecks wrong — and she can help.

Mary Orton, an NYC-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, took to the social media app to reveal the right way to wear a turtleneck, and viewers are shook. The viral video has already reached over 2.8 million views.

“I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but you’re probably wearing turtlenecks wrong,” she said.

Orton explained that you should roll your turtleneck from the inside instead of from outside.

She stated that the hack makes for a much cleaner neckline.

TikTok user Mary Orton said that instead of rolling your turtlenecks from the outside, you should roll them from the inside.

“Also, it gives you a cleaner canvas if you want to layer necklaces,” she revealed. “Plus, a lot of turtlenecks develop this sort of warbled edge here, so tucking it inside can make it look more expensive.”

She also shared that you could even double the inside tuck to make it look more like a mockneck.

In the comments section of her video, viewers were mind-blown by the simple tip.

“U saved my life thank u,” one user wrote.

Another agreed, commenting, “So much more sophisticated and classic. Teamed with a blazer looks so much more aesthetically appealing to the eye.”

“You just changed my life,” one person admitted.

However, some people couldn’t even fathom ever trying the hack, as they claimed that it made them too ticklish. In a follow-up video, Orton jokingly replied to some of these ridiculous hate comments that she received about the turtleneck recommendation.

Mary Orton said that she had revealed this hack nearly two years ago.
Mary Orton said that she had revealed this hack nearly two years ago.

“Most of the reaction to the video has been positive, but there’s been some negative reaction and I feel like I need to address it,” she said sarcastically, as she read off comments like, “I don’t even wear turtlenecks.”

“But I’m so ticklish, I’ve tried it, couldn’t do it xD,” one commenter wrote.

She took to her platform a week later to address the hilarious
She took to her platform a week later to address the hilarious “controversy” on the video.

One user seconded that, complaining, “Rolling it inside tickles me🥺.”

“It’s less comfy though which always gets me,” typed another viewer.

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