I’m Ed Sheeran’s ‘evil twin’ lookalike — it got me banned from TikTok

When your TikTok don’t work like it used to before

A Manchester man was reportedly booted off TikTok because he looks too much like, in his own words, the “evil twin” of singer Ed Sheeran.

The best part of it all is that 28-year-old doppelganger, Ty Jones, said he “actually can’t sing.”

“People always comment on my videos, saying, ‘Oh my God, it’s Ed Sheeran … I’m always repeating myself saying, ‘I’m not Ed’,” Jones said.

“Sometimes I have [a disclaimer] in bold writing … Just because I look like Ed Sheeran, does that mean I can’t make TikToks?”

Although Jones does not claim to be Ed, he certainly does lean into the physical similarities the two share. He producing laugh-out-loud lookalike content for social media and platforms like Cameo.

“It’s my full-time job. I was keen to promote what I do and market my business,” he said. “Maybe TikTok should ban Ed for impersonating me as well given that we look the same.”

But the social media giant wouldn’t have it apparently.

“I appealed and within minutes got a response that it was denied,” Jones captioned an Instagram post.

“I genuinely feel discriminated sheerly for the way I look, I’ve contacted Ed Sheeran’s team and they claim to have no involvement in this action taken against me.”

An English man says his TikTok was banned for looking like Ed Sheeran.
An English man says his TikTok was banned for looking like Ed Sheeran.
Life.of.ty / Tiktok

Jones said that Sheeran's team was not involved in the ban.
Jones said that Sheeran’s team was not involved in the ban.

The Post reached out to TikTok for comment.

Though, according to the Sun, after the paper reached out on Jones’ behalf his TikTok was finally reinstated in the past day.

Now, his 110,000 followers can enjoy his perfect content once more.

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