I got one of those free cars from Oprah — what she really said off-camera in 2010

You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!” — and a nugget of wisdom, too!

A fortunate Oprah Winfrey fan who was one of the lucky audience members to be gifted diamond earrings, a luxury handbag and a brand new car during the TV icon’s “favorite things” giveaway is revealing what the talk show host said to the crowd once cameras stopped rolling. 

“I was in the audience of the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010, when she gave away Volkswagen Beetles for Christmas,” said Candi Davis, from Chicago, in her trending TikTok tell-all. “It was a crazy, crazy day.”

In the clip, which has raked in over 3.1 million views, Davis, a married mom of two, explained that Winfrey — now 69, who famously gave away her first round of free cars to a live studio audience in September 2004 — got extremely candid with show-goers after awarding them each shiny new vehicles. (Winfrey allegedly paid the taxes for each recipient of the cars gifted on Davis’ show date.)

Representatives for Oprah Winfrey did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

“She kicked off her gold high heels shoes, sat down on the edge of the stage and talked to all of us,” Davis recalled of the November 2010 exchange. “And she said, ‘I know you don’t feel like you deserve any of this stuff, and you don’t.’”

Candi Davis, married mom from Chicago, revealed on TikTok what Oprah Winfrey said to her after gifting her audience with cars in November 2010.
Candi Davis says Oprah gave her “Oprah Winfrey Show” audience a touching speech after gifting everyone in the crowd a new car.

Oprah Winfrey giving away gifts to audience members of the
Winfrey, now 69, first notably gave away free cars to in-studio guests of her talk show in 2004.

“‘None of you deserve it,’” continued the car-winner of Winfrey’s alleged address. “‘But you are worthy of it, and I want you to remember that.’”

Davis went on to laud Winfrey’s casual pep talk as “a beautiful moment.” 

However, cynical critics on social media argued that instead, the supposed word of encouragement was actually a thinly-veiled diss. 

“‘None of you deserve it, but you’re worthy’… kind of sounds like a back-handed compliment,” penned a perturbed commenter. 

“I didn’t like what she said. You don’t deserve it?” said a separate skeptic. 

“Her remarks [were] wrong,” wrote another hater harped, in part.  

“It’s [giving] backhanded compliment,” another naysayer repeated, to which Davis responded, saying, “It wasn’t meant to be. I just did not tell the story right.”

In a subsequent post, Davis explained that Winfrey’s comments were meant to uplift, not belittle buffs of her broadcast.  

Candi Davis, married mom from Chicago, revealed on TikTok what Oprah Winfrey said to her after gifting her audience with cars in November 2010.
After receiving negative comments over Winfrey’s remarks, Davis explained that the talk show legend was actually being “sweet” in her address.

Candi Davis, married mom from Chicago, revealed on TikTok what Oprah Winfrey said to her after gifting her audience with cars in November 2010.
Davis revealed to TikTok audiences that she has kept her gifted car well-maintained over the years.

“When the show was over, the audience was full of people just crying and very emotional about what we had all just experienced of being gifted the car,” said Davis. 

“There were a lot of people saying, ‘I should sell my car and give the money to my kids,’” she added, noting that folks were overly humbled by Winfrey’s benevolence. 

Davis continued, “Oprah overheard some of that talk and said, ‘Let me stop you right there. You don’t deserve this, and if you feel like you don’t deserve this, that’s valid. But I want you to feel worthy of it. I want you to accept it. I want you to leave here with the car and not feel bad. Release any guilt you feel about being gifted this car.’”

For more clarity, Davis said of Winfrey, “She meant it in a really sweet way. It wasn’t a backhanded compliment.”

Oprah Winfrey in late April 2023.
In a separate TikTok post, Davis explained that Winfrey’s words were meant to be kind rather than harsh.

Elsewhere, the woefully misunderstood mama explained that each audience member was able to choose the color of their 2012 Volkswagen — which, at the time of the giveaway, wasn’t even on the market.

And once the cars were ready for pickup, she and her fellow beneficiaries were able to retrieve their individual rides, each wrapped in a big red bow, from their local dealerships.

In a follow-up post, Davis — who confirmed online that she’s kept her cherry red Volkswagen Beetle in decent condition over the past 12 years— showcased the other posh loot she scored from the high-end giveaway, including a Le Creuset cookware, a burgundy Coach purse, sequin Ugg boots, pear drop diamond earrings and the car key fob Winfrey‘s production staffed handed out during filming. 

“It was [all] really fun to keep,” she said. 

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